celebrating holidays dancing

The best way to wrap up the year is to count our achievements and set new goals. We are excited to share the great results of our students. Their success is our success! Read about our incredible dance weekend at South Open Dancesport Championships 2023!

December 19, 2023
December 19, 2023
Celebrating Holidays Dancing
Our spectacular team entered the holiday season by participating in a beautiful ballroom dance event - the South Open Dancesport Championships in Orlando. For four days, from December 6 through December 9, our dancers of different ages and levels represented our dance studio and showcased their dance skills.

On Wednesday night, our students rocked the dancefloor at the Nightclub session of the competition. The theme was Alien invasion, so we witnessed a bunch of fun and bright costumes. In this category, people perform social dances like Salsa, Bachata, Hustle, Argentine Tango, Samba, and Merengue.
The next day we enjoyed watching dancers competing in American Rhythm category, dancing dances like Cha Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Mambo, and East Coast Swing. Our dancers did a fantastic job and placed first in their categories.

Later that night, our Ladies Formation Team made a grand debut on the competitive dance floor, performing in the category of showcases. Formation dance is a team performance that usually includes several dances. Dancers frequently change their positions to create interesting patterns. This type of dance requires lots of coordination and attention. Our ladies did fantastic! Together with their instructor Alena they prepared a dance routine that combined Cha Cha, Samba, and Paso Doble. We received lots of compliments from the judges.

That Thursday night we also got to enjoy the dancing of our instructors - Marat and Alena. This was their first dance competition dancing together. They performed in International Latin category. All the students stayed up late and cheered for the guys. We had the best and the biggest support team! We are proud to have such motivated people on our team, who always keep growing and improving their level.
Friday was a day dedicated to American Smooth, which includes dances like Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Viennese Waltz. We had a few students representing S Style Dance Team in this category competing on different levels. They all showed great results and looked fabulous on the dance floor.
The last day of the dance competition, we enjoyed watching International Ballroom and International Latin styles. Our students also earned lots of awards and first places in their age groups. Some of them were stepping on the competitive dancefloor for the first time ever. Dancing at a ballroom dance event is a unique experience that every dancer should have at least once. You get to dance in beautiful gowns, surrounded by other talented dancers. Events like those charge you with inspiration and new energy.
The South Open Dancesport Championships was an incredibly successful event for us. S Style Dance Team studio won Top Large Studio 2nd Place Award for 2023! We are thankful to all our students who contributed to this victory. We appreciate every single one of you for your support, loyalty, and amazing energy! We love seeing how ballroom dance changes your lives - you become more confident, disciplined, graceful, and happy. We are thankful to the organizer of this beautiful event - Sid Pocius - for having our team. We enjoyed and had lots of fun celebrating ballroom dance together! We can't wait to come back next year with new achievements!

Contributor: Alena Chizhova