Top 3 most romantic ballroom dances
to learn for valentine's day

Are you looking for ideas for an unforgettable date night with your significant other? In this article, we are introducing top 3 most romantic dances to learn with your partner.
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February 6, 2023
February 6, 2023
Top 3 Most Romantic Ballroom Dances
Love is in the air due to the upcoming Valentine's Day. Don't let the everyday routine ruin the romantic spirit. This is a great opportunity to show some extra love for your significant other, family member or even a friend.

Dance floor is a unique place where you can show your emotions without saying a word. Romantic music will get you in the right mood and help reconnect with your partner. Ballroom dancing is a way to appreciate each other, listen to each other, and work in tandem.
We have prepared Top 3 Most Romantic dances that you can learn with your loved one to spend quality time together:


Rumba is a synonym of love - it can be slow, fast, passionate, and tender. Rumba has Cuban origins, that's why it's considered a latin dance and is performed as a part of International Latin Program or American Rhythm Program at ballroom dance competitions. Rumba has a lot of flowing movements and hip motion. Being one of the most romantic dances, Rumba is a popular choice for a first wedding dance.


Waltz is an elegant representation of love. Slow Waltz originated in Europe and was a popular dance at formal events and balls. This classical dance is performed as a part of Ballroom Standard Program or American Smooth Program at ballroom dance competitions.
When you see a couple dancing Waltz, you will see a strong connection between partners, lots of beautiful turns and spins, and rise-and-fall action in the footwork. This is another popular option for a wedding dance.


Bolero is one of the most expressive and passionate Latin dances that has Spanish origin. Bolero is a mix of Rumba and Waltz, combining the slow and flowing rhythm of Rumba and the rise-and-fall technique of Waltz. As a Latin dance, Bolero is characterized by hip action, known as Cuban motion. Dancers alternate between closed frame position and open position, which allows for showcasing beautiful arm styling.
Here at S Style Dance Team we are extra excited to teach these romantic dances this season. It's truly delightful seeing couples dancing together and enjoying each other on the dance floor. In February we will be teaching Bolero, Waltz, and Rumba at group classes and private lessons. Check our monthly calendar for the class schedule.

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Contributor: Alena Chizhova